About Our Products

Since our main objective is to help you discover your inner you, to be different, and to adventure; we thought it would only be right that we could also make our products different and stand out!



Introducing to you, our first collection of sunglasses.  They are innovative, fashionable, and eco-friendly all at the same time!  Here's some of the amazing characteristics of our sunglasses:

Our sunglasses are handcrafted and made with all natural premium wood such as ebony, maple, walnut, zelkova, and bamboo. Our wood is either recycled or repurposed in order to minimize our carbon footprint. Our lenses are polarized with anti UVA & UVB properties.  You might be asking what UVA and UVB mean and we will explain those properties to you!  We all have experienced a sunburn before and know that it is not a fun feeling.  Well many do not know your eyes can get sunburned as well!  UVB rays are what cause sunburns and contribute to causing skin cancer.  NO bueno!  UVA rays penetrate deeper than UVB; as well contribute towards the creating of cataracts!  We are not saying its guaranteed protection, but hey, WE are helping you fight the good fight towards healthy eyes!

Our sunglasses also have UV400 protection.  This is a fancy sounding number and maybe something you would see on a chemistry test!  UV400 protection means 99-100% of UV lights are blocked from entering your eyes!  So those nasty rays we talked about earlier, yeah, you are welcome!

All of our sunglasses have Triacetate Cellulose polarized lenses, otherwise known as TAC.  Another fancy acronym, but TAC polarized lenses are incredibly effective at eliminating glare. There are 7 layers to be exact in a TAC lens. TAC sunglasses block up to and absorb about 99% of UV rays, 100% polarization which absorbs all the glare, able to survive harsher environments, and are scratch and impact resistant! 

What separates TAC lenses from the rest are their exceptional glare reducing abilities. 

We do our best in making sure the customer can get their best experience when they dare to be RARE!


Our merchandise is all made to order so that we can minimize waste and be the most efficient when it comes to using materials. Because most of our merch is made to order, we can customize upon request. If you like a logo or design on a hoodie and want it on a tank top, ask us and we'll see what we can do to make it happen!