Our Story

While living in Lansing, Michigan playing baseball for the Lugnuts, we got to a point where everyone gets at their jobs. We fell into the monotonous grind of doing the same thing each day. It became so easy to fall into a lull and to just go through the motions. If you want your career to prosper while playing in the minor leagues, you have to be sharp every day.

We needed to break our routine and do something to spice up our lives. It wasn't about finding one new thing to do that we enjoyed like fishing or hiking, it was about finding anything -- all we wanted to do was to just break the routine. 

So it began, whenever we could, we would go do something. The impromptu nature of doing something was rightfully named an adventure. We would hop in the car and just drive somewhere and figure out how to have the time of our lives. Once we began, we were addicted to the excitement of not knowing what was going to happen and the memories that we would inevitably create, we just knew that we would have fun with it. It was our way of staying sharp.

The slogan "All About the Adventure" was eventually born, and that's how we lived out the rest of our time in Lansing, Michigan. We never rejected the opportunity to "adventure" as each day brought new excitement. We were inspired by this new attitude and think entering any situation with a positive mindset will lead to the best and most memorable outcomes. 

The GOAL of this company is to contribute to everyone's inner adventurer! We are encouraging you to have an active lifestyle with a positive mindset. Whether it's exploring the outdoors or traveling city to city we want you fitted for the occasion!                                             




Pictured Marcus Reyes (right)


Pictured Sean Rackoski (left) & Marcus Reyes (right)