Shipping Questions
If you may be wondering were why we have different shipping rates and where our products come from here are some answers for those questions!
1. We have have partnered with multiple manufactures with our products.  One does the amazing apparel that you see many people sporting!  Then there is another one who makes our sunglasses from scratch!
2. This means if you purchase apparel with sunglasses then they will be arriving at different times because they are coming from different places.  If you just buy one or the other.  Then they will come in the predetermined time that it takes to make
fulfill and ship!
If you are wondering why we have free shipping and expedited shipping for the sunglasses.  Its an easy question to answer!
1. Since the sunglasses are made from scratch and are eco-friendly, it takes a little longer to get it shipped out!  With the pandemic and lesser hands on deck our manufactures need as much time as they can get to make the glasses to perfection.  If you would like it expedited, then our team can get to it as fast as possible by putting it to the front of their development and get it out to you as fast as possible.  
Sunglasses Questions
Any information you need to learn about our sunglasses, see the about our products page which tells you exactly what you need to know!